Katy Lynn Photography

Howdy Yall


Hey there! I’m Katy Watson, the face behind Katy Lynn Photography. I’m a Texas Native, who currently lives a little East of Dallas with my fiancé, our two dogs (Holly and Murphy) and our cat (Butters)! While I have a large amount of Texas State pride (#texasforever), I love traveling to new and exciting places!

I’ve never met a stranger and I’m pretty positive this trait comes from my mom, who I grew up watching her ability to strike up a conversation with anyone. During sessions I love to make people laugh, tell stories, and show pictures of my fur babies! Yes, I’m that dog mom.

My goal is to make you feel comfortable, like you’re just hanging out with an old friend, and most importantly, have fun! You’ll come to learn that I’m a laid-back small town girl who loves food and watching the Food Network, loves Star Wars more than the typical human, and always starts her day with a cup of coffee.



Fun Facts

 Saying I love food is an understatement. The Food Network is always on my TV at home, I love browsing for new recipes on Pinterest, and I plan my trips around the restaurants with the best reviews. I also have a list of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives restaurants on my phone (#noshame) and am always taking recommendations!

Depending on where you look, my birthday either  falls on the last day of Virgo or the first day of Libra. I easily identify with qualities of both, which helps me relate to a variety of personalities!

I hated coffee until I was in college and my roommate, turned best friend, was always drinking it. Now I start every day with a cup (or two) of coffee!